About our Products and FAQ's

All of our products are Hand made by "Alli" - the Maker of Agaveh Girl. She pays particular attention to the details which makes her earrings stand out from the rest. Our products are designed to create a feeling of worth and beauty within yourself- we want you to FEEL this as you wear them. Nothing makes us feel more satisfied with our business and products when it can boost YOUR confidence and help YOU feel beautiful as you wear them. Thank you for your trust in our craftsmanship and style. 

Here are some FAQ's we get and our answers :) 

What are you products made from? I find most earrings hurt my ears. 

  • We work with high quality polymer clay that is baked and cured so that when done, they are as lightweight and soft as can be. This is the best thing about polymer clay earrings- no saggy or sore ear lobes!
  • Our findings (which are the metal parts of the earrings) are typically made from brass. Some of our hoops are Gold Plated with 18K Gold.  All our earring posts are made from stainless steel and are NICKEL FREE.  Nickel is the substance in cheap earrings that can irritate your ears and make them hurt. Most people who can't wear earrings can wear Agaveh Girl Earrings. Give them a try! 

I live close to Beaumont- can I pick up my order? 

  • You sure can pick up your order! When your order is ready, we will communicate when you can pick up (usually within 24 hours) and will be at Agaveh Girl's Studio just east of Beaumont, Alberta. You can use the code "FREEPICKUP" for this option. Agaveh girl does not do deliveries or meet ups for orders as she is just too busy :)

I notice you only use gold findings. Do you every think you will carry silver jewelry?

  • We get this question a lot actually. The maker "Alli" is a red head and does not wear any silver jewelry so her eye naturally connects with gold. This seems to be the trend now but as styles and trends change- Alli is willing to do so as well. Stay tuned as you may see some silver products make an appearance in the future.